The Garment Worker
(New York City)

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This impression is from "The Garment Worker" sculpture stamp in New York City. It is a permanent sculpture located at 555 Seventh Avenue (Fashion Avenue) in the heart of Manhattan's Garment District. It is an eight-foot bronze sculpture created by artist Judith Weller. It is a realistic figure of a garment worker, wearing a yarmulke and seated over a hand-operated sewing machine. The figure is modeled after the artist’s father, who was a machine operator in the NY garment industry. It was created to commemorate Jewish garment workers, the backbone of Jewish life in NY at the turn of the century. This sculpture was cast at The Modern Art Foundry in Queens, NY.

999 solid Japanese fine silver pendant
~16mm diameter
14K yellow gold jump ring
925 Italian sterling silver box chain (18" or 24")

(Please note desired chain length in check-out notes)